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Why Bother with Church?

Fair question. With all the options available on Sunday morning (including sleeping in) it may seem strange to gather with people who you may not choose to spend time with during the week, and sing songs that you may not know very well.

But if this is all that the church is, few would blame you for staying in bed. Thankfully, the church is so much more than this. Or at least it should be.

The Bible offers us many descriptions of what of the church is, one helpful picture is the church as a family, more precisely, the family of God. Families can be messy. The church can sometimes be messy too. But we also know families are vital places to belong, love, grow, be encouraged and be an encouragement to the others. The church is no different. We strive to love and support one another in the journey of faith.

But there is more. There has to be more because we also know we can find supportive communities and networks, both formal and informal, all over the city. One thing that makes the church so unique is our trajectory. Joining the family of God also makes us citizens of a New City. One day, we will enjoy the full benefits of our citizenship in the fullness of God’s presence. In the meantime, the church is a colony of heaven, wherein we experience some of its delights. To the outside world its citizens are representatives or ambassadors of God’s visible presence on the earth. The words and deeds of the church shared in truth and love provide a glimpse of the goodness of God.

It is a wonderful privilege to belong and the family of God and reflect the His grace.

What to expect when you visit us on Sundays

As a liturgical community we engage in rhythms of prayer and praise expressing the faith of the Scriptures and the historic Creeds. We believe these rhythms greatly assist the congregation to hear and give voice to the Gospel. Most Sundays celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Its rhythms may be helpfully divided into three parts:

  1. Hearing God’s Holy Word in faith

    The Bible is the primary means by which God communicates with us. The Scriptures’ unique authority is attended to in these ways:

    ⁺   Praise: classic hymns and modern songs rooted in biblical truth.

    ⁺   Teaching: a brief children’s talk and Sunday School.

    ⁺   Proclamation: Bible readings and historic Creeds express essential biblical doctrine.

    ⁺   Preaching: a Bible based Sermon by faithful stewards of the Word.

    ⁺   Prayers and offerings: intercessory prayer and tithes are offered in response to the Word.

  2. Feeding at God’s Holy Table with humility

    The Lord’s Supper reminds us of the central importance of Christ’s death for salvation and refreshes us by our fellowship with God and his people. We share our lives around God’s Table in these ways:

    ⁺  Repentance: the confession of sins and the comfort of forgiveness in the gospel.

    ⁺   Thanksgiving: for God’s mercy towards undeserving sinners, signified in the Lord’s Supper.

  3. Equipping in Holy Spirit for God’s glory

    The Spirit awakens our hearts and minds to the good news of Jesus Christ. The Spirit makes our worship vibrant. The Spirit equips the church for service towards others. We respond to God’s Spirit in these ways:

    ⁺  Pastoral Care: Prayer ministry is offered for various needs.

    ⁺  Praise: we recite the Gloria in Excelsis to remind us that we are to live for God’s glory.  

    ⁺  Mission: we are sent out in the power of the Spirit to work for gospel renewal in our city.

    ⁺  Encouragement: enjoying coffee within the strengthening fellowship of God’s people.